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About Joy and Leslie

Joy Smith and Leslie Brown are accomplished sailors. Joy has been sailing since she was 22 and is a retired science teacher and high school administrator. She is a native of Los Angeles and had owned and raced four sailboats in Los Angeles before buying Banshee in 1971.

Joy and Banshee, have made three Pacific crossings, sailed extensively along the US Pacific coast and Baja California, Mexico, and have sailed as far north as the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia, Canada.

Leslie is a PADI dive instructor and is originally from New York. She joined Joy on Guam in 1996 after rebuilding and single-handing her own 24 foot sailboat for more than 10 years in Hawaii.

Together, Joy and Leslie have sailed twice to Papua New Guinea and throughout Micronesia on Banshee. They are currenty in West Malaysia and planning extended sailing throughout Asia. Both hold 100 ton USCG Masterís licenses.

About the boat

Banshee is a Bristol 34, Hull #1, designed by Halsey Herreschoff and built by Bristol/Peterson in Bristol, Rhode Island in 1971.

Joy bought Banshee in 1971 from Bristol Yachts. She had been exhibited in the New York Boat Show and had been raced in the SORC on the East Coast by the designer, Halsey. She was delivered across the US by truck and slipped at Marina Del Rey, California.

Joy christened her Banshee in March 1971. She has owned her continuously since then. Leslie became a co-owner of Banshee  in 1997.  

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